This “Precious Attention”-website is my way of staying connected with everyone who has participated in one of the mindfulness courses or retreats I have facilitated, or is interested in one-to-one online sessions. It is also a place where free resources will be offered, and a regular “Precious Attention”-blog, accessible by anyone.

If you have found your way to this page, it is likely you have met me during an “Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation” course by Mindfulness Works, New Zealand’s largest mindfulness training organisation, or because someone has recommended this site.

If you don’t know me, here’s a short bio about me written for the “Meet the Trainers”-section on the Mindfulness Works NZ website. Oh, and please sign up for my newsletter to stay in touch!

Sitara recognises mindfulness as a great tool to stimulate the living of life from a place of wise innocence and peace.

Besides teaching mindfulness meditation in Northland, Sitara is freelance writer and mosaic artist working from a home-based studio located in native bush, near the Far North’s Mount Maungataniwha.

Originally from the Netherlands, Sitara’s lived in five different countries including the Middle East, and has previously worked in PR, journalism, translating, small business start-ups and caregiving. Her reasons for settling in New Zealand was her meeting with the New Zealand born living spiritual Master Yanchiji, whom she continues to study with (see dedication below). Sitara makes music and whoopee in her spare time, which she loves to share with animals.

In this place, I very much wish to pay grateful tribute to the great freedom demonstrator and personification of Life, Yanchiji, a New Zealand born, living spiritual adept, and to the brilliant, life revelation teacher, Arohananda Ma, both of whom I owe reclaiming my Real, Inherent, Natural Life to, and who unconditionally set me on the path to true freedom and who continue to profoundly inspire me.

My other websites are for writing and to do with my work as a mosaic artist. You can find me on Twitter, and my professional profile on linkedin is here. Of course I’d like you to sign up for my newsletter(s), find the link in the menu (I detest pop-ups, even though I am told they work) and you’ll be the first to get the latest updates!


“Sitara brings an effective and strongly authentic quality of mindful presence to her work with others, both modelling and leading learning inquiries into what mindfulness really is and how we can embody it.”

Stephen Archer
Director Mindfulness Training

“I know Sitara will offer tremendous benefit to those who meet her through the course, with her fluid nature and presence. Sitara has been living what we may say is the heart of mindfulness practice for many years. Sitara has a lot of experience leading workshops/groups and is also an accomplished musician, writer and artist.”

Karl Baker
Founder/Director Mindfulness Works New Zealand/Australia /