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#NZ Lockdown Day 20

(Please note, this writing meditation takes about 30 minutes. You can halve the duration to 15 minutes by cutting the number of deep breaths to 3x and the number of pages to one only. The source for this meditation is Eric Maisel’s chapter “Be Mindful” in his book “The Creativity Book”, 2000, including the quote about grass from Frederick Franck)

Make sure you’re sitting comfortably. Take 10 deep breaths in and out. Do this slowly, but relaxed. Use the outbreaths to “let go” of any tension or worrying thoughts you are aware of. If you can, “follow” the air going in and out with your mind/attention, as an observer. Also pay attention to the natural pauses between inhalation and exhalation.
Now, remember that blade of grass or leaf from the exercise two days ago?

Using longhand, write a little on the team a single blade of grass, recollecting that single blade of grass you meditated on two days ago. Write three pages. Don’t stop. (Stopping allows your mind to interfere as a censor). Keep your pen or pencil moving over the paper. If you stall, simply repeat the phrase ‘a single blade of grass – a single blade of grass – a single blade of grass’ for as long as you need until you “un-stall” again.

When you’ve filled your pages, put down your writing gear, check on your posture and take another 10 deep breaths in and out. Do this slowly, but relaxed. If you can, “follow” your the air going in and out with your mind/attention, as an observer.

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While drawing grasses I learn nothing “about” grass, but wake up to the wonder that there is grass at all. ~ Frederick Franck

Studying a blade of grass

Foto: Sitara Morgenster

blade of grass

This is a mindfulness exercise to do instead of or in addition to your formal (12-minute) sitting time*.

Study a blade of grass. Go out, find some tall grass, select a blade, and give it your undivided attention. If you can’t get out, study a leaf or stalk of the potted plant in your living room or office cubicle.

What should you be thinking about or noticing? If you can actually quiet your nerves and your chattering mind and pay attention to the blade of grass to the exclusion of everything else, you will know without having to ask what this exercise is designed to do.

Set your timer to do this for 10-15 minutes.
Then watch this space!
Part two of this mindfulness exercise is scheduled for #NZ Lockdown Day 20

*) This exercise was largely taken and ever so slightly adapted from Eric Maisel’s ‘Be Mindful’-chapter in his “The Creativity Book” (2000)

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