Mindfulness Facilitation : :

“Sitara brings an effective and strongly authentic quality of mindful presence to her work with others, both modelling and leading learning inquiries into what mindfulness really is and how we can embody it.”

Stephen Archer
Director Mindfulness Training

“I know Sitara will offer tremendous benefit to those who meet her through the course, with her fluid nature and presence. Sitara has been living what we may say is the heart of mindfulness practice for many years. Sitara has a lot of experience leading workshops/groups and is also an accomplished musician, writer and artist.”

Karl Baker
Founder/Director Mindfulness Works New Zealand/Australia
www.mindfulnessworks.co.nz / www.mindfulnessworks.com.au

Workshop facilitation style : :

“Sitara’s gentle, respectful teaching is wonderful. I love how she leaves space for everyone.” – Jenny Geelan

“The day was so well paced. The content was exciting and gave me lots of tools to use. I feel I have permission to try doing different things and make some ‘mistakes’” Grace McGregor

Very informal. Liked this. Small intimate group, good amount of ‘break’ time, great food. Educator warm & informed. Thank you.” – Cate Eaton